lunedì 14 marzo 2016

La protezione del patrimonio culturale nelle aree di guerra

Qui il report del Parlamento Europeo sul tema

European Parliament The European Parliament (EP) Committee on Culture and Education (CULT) covers all the cultural aspects of the EU and thus cultural heritage. CULT in July 2015 organised a hearing on cultural heritage destruction and trafficking. During the hearing, Unesco, Interpol, ICC, ICCROM specialists and the international law community pointed to certain problems, such as similarities between artefacts from the Near and Middle East. Advanced knowledge is required to make it easier for customs officers or purchasers to identify such items properly. The principle of purchasers' good faith was also questioned for cases of lasting conflicts. Parliament's April 2015 Resolution on the destruction of cultural sites perpetrated by ISIL/Da'esh called for international cooperation to implement international conventions and resolutions, the inclusion of civil society in international projects on protecting endangered cultural goods, for geospatial technologies projects (such as an American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) project on the use of a geographic information system for cultural heritage) to rapidly gather, analyse and disseminate crisis and emergency information, and for the support for research, like Project Mosul. In June 2015, the EP resolution on the situation in Palmyra and the case of Mazen Darwish condemned the purposeful and systematic destruction of Palmyra. This exceptionally well-preserved ancient city, a Unesco World Heritage site, has been systematically targeted by terrorist cultural violence and government armed forces.

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